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The Mystery Spot

Saint Ignace, Michigan The Mystery Spot

 What a fun little spot in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, right in the town Saint Ignace. I am so thankful that my sister in-law wanted to make a quick stop here on the way home from our trip to the Upper Peninsula. I was a little apprehensive about stopping because I have heard such mixed reviews of this place. Which is why I want to write about our fun experience for anyone wondering if it is worth stopping or not. I am hear to say that I am glad that we did!

In the 1950’s, three guys named Clarence, Fred and McCray came from California to explore the Upper Peninsula. Boy do I see why! While they were working they found an area of land that their surveying equipment did not work right. Trying to get their tripod to level, they had to use their plum-bob but it kept getting drawn to the far east. But the level kept reading level! How could this be?!?! This must have intrigued them to stay and keep trying to figure out this weird These phenomenal  things that were happening. As they kept trying to figure out why their equipment was not working, they realized they kept feeling light-headed and queasiness. This obviously made them want to research this land even more. They were able to narrow it down to about 300 feet in diameter and named it a “Mystery Spot”! I want to shall this experience by letting you know 1. Location, 2. Did the kids have fun, 3. Kid friendly, 4. Staff, 5. Crowds, 6. Sensory Friendly, 7. Pricing, 8. Appropriate Ages

  1. Location– We did not have a problem finding this place at all. The Mystery Spot is located 5 miles west of St. Ignace and the Mackinac Bridge on Highway US-2. If you are coming from south of the Mackinac Bridge, take exit 344B, then travel west 5 miles on Highway US-2 and we will be on the right hand side. If you are traveling Southbound on I-75 approaching the bridge, take exit 344, then travel 5 miles on Highway US-2 and we will be on the right hand side. We were able to find it using google maps, but would have easily found it without using GPS.

2. Did Our Kids Have Fun? – The answer to this is YES! The tour that we chose to do kept all of the kids ranging from ages three to twelve very interested. The tour it self lasted about twenty minutes which, was a great amount of time for a tour with seven kids. This staff involved the kids in the tour which sent imaginations soaring with excitement. They seemed to all really enjoy the time we spent on the tour of this cool little house.

3. Was it Kid Friendly?- Yes! This was for sure kid friendly! They engage the kids through out the tour, and were super friendly to them the whole time! However the inside gift shop and place you pay was a little small and my kids like to touch EVERYTHING so I could have done without having seven kids in a small shop…. Only because I do not want them breaking anything!!!! It was totally fine and we made it in there and out of there without breaking anything, but if we return Brad or I can just pay and we do not all have to go in at the same time. We did the maze and the tour so I can say both of those were very kid friendly.

4. Staff– I have nothing negative to say about the experience we had with the staff that day! Every single staff member was up beat, energetic, and really friendly. I was very pleased with how kind the staff was to my super energetic children! During the tour they included the kids a ton making the experience so much fun for the kids!

5. Crowds- We did go on a holiday weekend, so we experienced a higher crowd the day that we went. The area is laid out into different sections so when it is crowded it helps reduced the cluster of people in one area all at once. I am not one to favor lots of people in small area’s but it did not seem to over whelm me. The tour is a limited amount of people so you do not feel like you are squished into this little house with tons of people making it overwhelming!!!!

6. Sensory Friendly– This place can defiantly vary for sensory friendly. The tour did cause me some nausea and an uneasy feeling when I was walking. It is known to do this to people but the kids did not seem to be phased at all by this feeling. I at one point felt like I might throw up. Now, no one threw up everyone made it out alive and the second you step out you feel total fine again. However a younger child might not be able to tell you if they have these same feelings so keep that in mind. So, overall it was totally worth doing even for the gross feeling for a couple of minutes. The maze is totally sensory friendly, and none of us had a problem with the maze at all. We did not do the zip line but my sensory seeker really wanted too! We chose not too because the line was really long this day and only two of the seven kids were tall enough to be able to go. But, I did not see any crying kids exit the zip line so it must have been pretty fun! They do have putt-putt which looked super kid friendly too.

7. Pricing– I am including the pricing because if you are anything like me you like to know what prices you are getting your self into when you go somewhere~

Guided Tour of the Mystery Spot:
Ages 5-11 is $7.00*
Age 12 and up is $9.00*
*They have a Zipline Voucher worth $5.00 off the original price, but you have to ask

There is combination prices which help on cost Includes: Mystery Spot Guided Tour, 18 Hole Miniature Golf, and a Walk in the Maze in the Woods:
Ages 5-11 is $10.00
Ages 12+ is $12.00
Human Maze Only is $2.00
Golf Only is $5.00

Zip line Prices

You get to ride TWO DIFFERENT ZIPLINES!!! Totaling over 1000ft and reaching speeds over 25 mph!!!
Rides on Line 1 (approx 700ft) and Line 2(approx. 400ft).

Zipline Only(no Mystery Tour) is $20
Zipline + Adult Tour Ticket is $24.00
Zipline + Child Tour Ticket is $22.00

8. Ages Appropriate – We had four adults and seven children with us this day and they ranged from the ages of three years old to twelve years old. I think it is appropriate for all ages really. It is age appropriate for all! I can not recommend or recommend using a stroller through the tour though. I am sure you can make it happen but there is a lot of slants and slopes causing more nausea.

Overall, I recommend making at least a quick stop to check this fun little spot out if it is ever on your route while visiting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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