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I live in the beautiful Midwest Great Lakes state, of Michigan! Sometimes, I might complain it is too hot or that it is too cold. But, really the beauty makes up for any of those miserable weather days! This summer we decided to take our kiddos up north to the U.P and explore some more of the great beauty Michigan has to offer. I truly could have traveled all through the U.P for months just seeing all of the beautiful Lakes and trees and beaches and wild life there is everywhere up there. However, our schools had already started so, we could only go for 6 days. However, in that six days we got to explore several different wonders of the U.P. I am here to say that I highly recommend visiting each and every one of these with kids, without kids, by your self or with many.

Kitch-iti-kip was one of the beautiful places on our vacation we got to visit. This spring is located in Palms Book State Park in Manistique Michigan. It is an extremely surreal experience and I highly recommend taking time to visit this paradise! It is a short walk from where you park to the self-operated observation raft that takes you across the two hundred feet across the forty feet deep spring. At a constant 45 -degree temperature year round you can enjoy this beauty in any season of the year, because it never freezes. This adventure most likely will not take you more then an hour if it is not busy. It is also super kid friendly. We traveled there with ten kids ranging in the ages of new born to age of twelve and every one of them enjoyed the sites to see! They were all captivated by the beauty of their surroundings! So, much so they barely spoke! It is all outside so I do not recommend doing this when it is rainy. We did however go when it was a cloudy on again off again rain day and it was just fine.

Going across this this little slice of paradise does not take more then fifteen minutes or so. It is a self guided tour which means you can enjoy it at your own pace. We had other people waiting to go across so we did not stop long once we reached the other side before we went back.

The trees on the other side of the platform where you wait are really neat! I have not ever seen trees grow like this before! Jacob thought it was really cool and the kids wanted to play hide and seek really bad. Which I totally agreed would be the coolest game of hide and seek. But I am pretty sure you are not suppose to wander off the path much in this national park.

Say cheese! This was the lovely picture our twelve year old wanted to take of us 🙂 Over all I really would recommend taking the time to visit this Spring and enjoy the beauty that it has to offer! It is a great quick trip for kids of all ages and adults of all ages!

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