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Best Place to Stay in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Beautiful Sunrise!

Sleepy Eyed Goose in Curtis, Michigan on Big Manistique Lake is the place to be for all ages! This summer we had the pleasure of staying at this cute, comfy resort tucked into Curtis, Michigan. Sleepy Eyed Goose Resorts was not only the friendly place we have ever stayed but they offer such a great price!

There was so many things for us to enjoy just right at the resort it was hard to travel other places while being there. This resort has swimming with beach front, Catch and Release Pond for fishing, fishing off the shore or docks, a fun cute playground with swings and a picnic table, and super cozy cabins. We had the pleasure of visiting during the end of August and really enjoyed our stay and all of the things they had to offer. I would not hesitate to recommend going in the wintertime if you enjoy ice fishing, snowmobiling, or cross country skiing.

Wait Michigan has Palm Trees?

We did not go swimming because it was too cold the week we visited. However, I would gone for swim in this nice sandy lake for sure. I really liked how they had little steps making access to the water much easier for every age. Noah, the 3-year-old could have spent hours and hours just going in and out of the lake collecting sand, water or rocks. This was super sensory friendly sand that even my sensory avoiders did not mind playing here. If your children do not like sand, there is plenty of places with just grass or docks to access the water also. Making this a super friendly sensory play place!

Hours of playing on these steps leading into swallow water

Catch and Release Pond stocked with small and large mouth bass, also perch was the next big hit with the kiddos. This was a great way for the younger kids with us to go fishing, but some of the older kids enjoyed this cute pond also. I was actually surprised to how long the kids stayed in one area!

Chloe cute little/big perch

There is tons and tons of yard to run and play and enjoy for people of all ages! We loved the amount of space that this place had to offer for the kids to run around and have fun! It was refreshing to have a place we visited that had lots of space and I did not have to worry about my kids stepping on someone’s towel, or kicking sand on them when they walk, or getting lost in the crowds.

Boating is a fun thing to add to your adventure while visiting. They have private docks to use if you bring your own boat. Or you can rent pontoon boats right from them. The prices for rentals are super affordable prices that even I thought it was OK to rent a boat. We did end up bringing our own fishing and speed boats because we are boat people through and through! The boats they have to rent are gorgeous and if you do not have one to bring renting would makes for some great fishing and really cool exploring!

Taking a quick afternoon ride

They have a really nice playground for kids to play in the sand or swing on the play set. This is a great little area for sensory seekers! Sensory kiddos who do not like sand this would not be the best little area for them though. There is plenty of other things right by the play set to occupy kiddos avoiding the sand. They also have corn-holes, horse-shoes, and volleyball to enjoy while being outside. It also has a picnic table right near all of these activities so you can enjoy lunch or dinner while the kids play.

Cabin number seven was a super sensory friendly cabin. I highly recommend staying in this cabin if you make a visit. This cabin had an upstairs open style floor concept that slept 2 adults and 4 kiddos perfect. With a full bathroom upstairs with a heated floor! There was a queen size bed and several twin size beds with a roll out bed available also. This gave us the option of having all the kids upstairs with us. The main floor was also an open floor concept with another bathroom and a bedroom. I loved the kitchen and the living room in this cabin. We also had a pool table to enjoy on the main floor. Not going to lie this can either be awesome or super annoying our kids LOVED it! The grandparents not so much 🙂 But, just a hint if it gets too be too much just put the balls up. They have several different cabins that would meet the needs of many families with kids of different ages and sizes. I suggest checking out their website to see the other cabins and the details each one has to offer. http://www.upperpeninsula-cabins.com/

The spacing of the cabins made this place even more super sensory friendly! The amount of space between our cabin and other cabins gave us the ability to relax and not worry when meltdowns happened. Traveling can bring on the meltdowns in our house of kiddos the space helped me not think we were waking up everyone near by! It also had plenty of parking spaces which is always helpful when traveling with such a big crew 🙂

I could go on and on about all the awesomeness this cute place in Michigan has to offer and give you 100 reason’s why you should visit but instead I am going to recommend checking out their cute website and then checking it out for yourself! The laid-back atmosphere with super cozy and comfy cabins, and beautiful beach on Big Manistique Lake is a perfect place to visit for the whole family I can’t wait to return.

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