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Adventures at Pictured Rocks

Pictured Rocks 2019

Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula has been on my bucket list for years to visit. Which makes for an even more exciting adventure for us. This beautiful wonder along the shores of Lake Superior stretches 42-miles long with 15 miles of beautiful cliffs. This place is nothing short of an example of Michigan’s pure beauty. It is absolutely stunning and you could spend a couple of hours or spend days, within this National Park. The colors of this beautiful lake are indescribable, and the fierce waves can remind you of an ocean. The kiddos actually asked a couple of times if it was an ocean!

Pictured Rock at Castle Rock

There is 100 miles of hiking trails, sand dunes, beaches, cliffs, and just so many stunning things to see while exploring this National Park. You can rent pontoon boats, take guided boat tours, take sunset cruises, kayak, hike miles or just walk a hundred feet. We choose to see the captivating sites by visiting a place called Castle Rock.

Pictured Rocks

Castle Rock was a fun little way that made viewing the Cliffs a little more safe. I did get uncomfortable a couple of times where the fence is a little low and too close to the edge, but if you literally stay on the path it is a safer place to visit. You can view it from a viewing platform that offers little windows for the little ones. There is only two little windows so depending on the crowd of people this could take some time to view out the windows. Noah loved being able to see out this window. I loved that he was not trying to climb to see out it!

Castle Rock Window view

This is by far on my list of places I am glad to say I have gone to visit. But it is a place you make it what it is. If you have kiddos that do not like walking a ton you can walk from the parking lot to the look out point check it out and be done. If you have kiddos with tons of energy to burn like I do then you could spend hours roaming the beautiful trails they have clearly marked for you to travel. Each family is completely different but I suggest making a trip out to Pictured Rocks and enjoying all the beauty Michigan has to offer!

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