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Best Bean Bags for Sensory Processing Disorder

***When we do reviews we occasionally get compensation for when you click on the links or purchase this product. Sometimes we are given products to try in exchange for our honest opinions. Some may call this a bribe for a good review, however that is not how it is! This is called advertising and its a great way for companies to get product information out there. But just know we will always tell you how it is. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! ***

Jaxx Nimbus Spandex Bean Bag Medium Chair

We saw this bean bag online and decided to buy it to try and use for our sensory seeking and sensory avoiding kids. We found way more uses for it then our original plan.

Our New Favorite Uses for this Bean Bag are:

  • Relaxing
  • Self-regulation tool
  • Increase Sensory development
  • At home Occupational therapy tool
  • Using to watch t.v, and play video games
  • Using to do homework
  • When getting home we use it as a sensory break, and a calming tool
  • A crash Pad for my Sensory Seekers!

All of these amazing uses for this bean bag helps our children, increase body awareness, increase sensory development, increase proprioceptive sensory input, and help self-regulation.

If you would like to get one of these amazing and super comfortable bean bags take a look at /www.littletactile.com/collections/indoor-bean-bags/products/nimbus-spandex-bean-bag-chair-medium

Over all I would highly recommend this bean bag for most anyone. I know that I enjoy sitting and relaxing in it but so do all of my kids! Comment down below which beans bags are your favorite!

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