Bed Time Solutions for your Sleepy Sensory Kids


It’s starting time! The dreaded bedtime my mortal enemy!!! For years, and I mean years we have struggled trying to find solutions to make bed time easier for EVERYONE! We have two children who struggle with sleep apeana. Although, very mild it caused lack of sleep for the whole family and tons of anxiety at bed time. I am not a doctor or a sleep professional but I do have a couple of things that might help make bed time easier for you and your kids if bed time is a struggle for you also. After all of these years, here is some things that we have found that worked for our four sensory kiddos and bed time!

Helpful Hints for Bedtime

  1. Consistency is by far the greatest bedtime solution. This can give healthy expectations for the children. Being consistent can help give the children more of a secure feeling instead of an anxious and uneasy feeling at bedtime. These uneasy and anxious feelings can be turned into NO SLEEP!
  2. Routine. Keeping the same routine daily is very helpful not only for the parents but also very helpful for your children. This includes when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit! Make sure that the guest who are coming to visit understand you have a bed time routine and if they can not respect this they can visit another time.
  3. Same Bed time daily. This is an very important part of helping keep the bed time routine. This step helps set expectations for the child’s bed time routine. It also helps the body recognizes it is time to calm down and get ready for sleep. This can be a very difficult thing when you have multiple children but try hard to make this a priority in your day. I promise this makes a huge difference in bedtimes!
  4. Decompression Time– Allowing your child to have plenty of time to wind down from the day. This can be a very useful sleep technique when used correctly. Having tablets, or stimulating television is not a good way for the brain to calm down. Reading books or talking about the day with the kiddos is a great way to calm down before entering the bedtime zone 🙂
  5. Create Safe, Relaxing, Calming Bedroom-
  6. Stay Patient, and Calm! As hard as bed time can be especially after having 100 questions 500 potty breaks and 1,000 drinks of water just remember to stay calm. If our moods are not stable and loving it can produce more anxiety which leads to more difficulty for the child to calm down and relax in order to go to sleep.


Some of our favorite Bedtime Products

Wireless headphones with soft music, or audio books

Bed Tents

Click on the picture to find where we purchased our bed tent.

Weighted Blankets

These can be such a great thing to help with kids who have anxiety, adhd, Sensory processing

Click on the picture to find one of our favorite weighted blankets

Stimulation Devices

These are helpful for children who are sensory seeking! Warning this can keep some kids awake. One of our children will just stare at this for a very long time instead of falling asleep! But I have others who it gives them comfort.

Weighted Stuffed Animals

Fun Pajamas– My Sensory Seekers are always more excited to get ready for bed when they have fun Pajamas

Fun Alarms or Music devices


Hopefully this all helps even just a little bit or gives you a great start to finding solutions in turning bedtime in to a better time of the day!


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