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Meet our precious little dress wearing, sassy, sweetheart who is never worried about mud! She is our ballerina, doll playing, tree climbing precious little girl.



Meet our little Miss Chloe. She came into this world with a smile on her face, and she continues to smile all day every day. Her smile is completely contagious and the joy she brings from that little smile is overwhelming. She loves playing out side, climbing trees, sledding, skiing, swimming, anything with other people. She is a cheerful energetic fast paced thrill seeking, sensory seeking, six year old. Oh six and a half, I can not forget the half or she gets upset 🙂


Chloe has Sensory Processing Disorder. Which means she navigates through this world just a little differently then other children. At first I honestly did not notice Chloe had Sensory Processing Disorder. It was not until she started tripping all of the time that I even thought it was within a question. Looking back at it now I can see other things that Chloe did as even a baby, that might have been a sign she had it. For example, sucking her THUMB!!!! I say it like this because my daughter had her thumb in her mouth ALL of the time when she was really little!


Chloe’s multi-sensory integration means she does not adequately process information in order to provide appropriate responses such as behavioral or emotional responses to meet the demands and expectations of the environment. Often times, this is exhibited through impulsive behaviors, lack of emotion, or lack of concentration. These responses are particularly evident in high stimulus environments.  Because of the way Chloe processes information to her surroundings things can be a little more difficult for her at times. One area we are always working on is too many loud noises at once, she will cover her ears and ignore everything. Another example when she gets over stimulated she loses focus and will fall really easy. Thankful we have never had it end in a sever injury but it always ends with a bruise. This is just a few quick examples of how Sensory Processing Disorder can affect things in Chloe’s every day life.

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