Meet our fun loving, energy to burn quite 8 year old. Jacob loves playing video games or climbing super high in trees., jumping in muddy puddles, swimming for hours, and not to forget anything outside. His most recent found love is face timing with his other third grade buddies.


Jacob also has Sensory Processing Disorder. His multi-sensory integration means he does not adequately process information in order to provide appropriate responses such as behavioral or emotional responses to meet the demands and expectations of the environment. Often times, this is exhibited through impulsive behaviors, lack of emotion, or lack of concentration. These responses are particularly evident in high stimulus environments. Because of this the way Jacob responds to his environment can result in him not responding at all sometimes. If things are way to loud in his environment like a screaming baby, or too many talking children, Jacob just gets super quiet because on the inside he wants to get really mad. This can be very difficult for him at times, but with lots of occupational therapy and patience he is quiet instead of mean. Every day life can have its challenges of its own but living with sensory processing disorder makes it just a little more unique!


Turn around for one second and he climbs anything and everything!


Jacob is a thrill seeking, tactile loving, noise avoider! He loves loves loves riding roller coasters, riding his bike fast, jumping high off of anything. But will avoid a loud, fast or weird noise at all cost. Noises can distract him or make him angry and it comes out of no where! This has been difficult living in a house with five other people and going to public school! Jacob has worked so hard at not getting angry to the noises that bother him but it has taken a lot of work and lots of patience. (FROM ALL OF US!) But over all we try to embrace every aspect of his sensory processing and have fun with it!

Life is one big journey, and finding the adventure in it all makes it that much more fun! Say hello to our little- big third grader Jacob!

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